My Story

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Jonia Antoine, the founder of J.A: the Reference for a Golden Look.

Since my childhood, fashion has always been a fascination for me, playing an important role in my life. Seeing all the women dressed in classy clothes walking on the red carpet of Hollywood marvelled me, and made me dream. All these colours, these details, the quality of these designs, these images intoxicated me, constantly replaying in my head.

Knowing that to be of this elite level, there was not only talent but a lot of determination. Advancing in my destiny, looking for me, the passion of chic design remained in my mind. But how would I create a collection while navigating the unknown with limited resources?


My limitless imagination and my determination were what helped me to achieve my dream. My love and passion for glamor made me realize that. Sacrifice, hard work, prayer and now my vision is here: a tribute to women in creating a line of clothing that would enhance, solidify or increase their level of confidence and especially make them feel valued for who they are, remaining authentic to themselves!

Women are fighters, ambitious women, women hungry for success, accomplished women, career women, housewives, seasoned women; all women who today represent to me a passion, a vision, a reference of creation for a golden look accessible to everyone!

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